Burma / Myanmar

Update : February 13, 2021

Burma was known

  • as the Rice Bowl of Asia
    (sadly it was forced to LDC)
  • for its Education System and elite graduates / professionals
    (sadly it was destroyed)
  • for its people who practice
    Metta (Unbounded Love),
    Karuna (Compassion)
    and Mudita (Altruistic Joy)
  • for its generosity and hospitality for teaching Ethics / Morality / Dhamma from the young days
  • for honoring those (including unsung heroes) who fought for freedom

Sad News

  • It is heart breaking to see the country and its peaceful citizens being destroyed by ruthless dictators (who do not care about “Warnings” and “Sanctions”).
  • The use of Ambulance at night to arrest people might be the first in the world.
  • It is sad to see the Myanmar Envoy to the UN relay the false news to the world.
  • February 13 is Bogyoke Aung San’s birthday and “Myanmar Kha Lay Myanmar Nay”.
    It saw the power mongers using their Play Books to restore “Myanmar Way to Nowhere”.
  • Fervently hope the World Leaders can stop the inhuman acts as soon as possible.

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