Update : February 12, 2021

We learned from our younger days that there are three major calamities :

  • Famine
  • Diseases
  • War

    and that Protective Verses (which contain Asseveration of Truth) can guard us from evil people, robbers, inhuman beings.

We also learned first hand that Burma was the Rice Bowl of Asia and that it provided rice to countries hit by disasters (e.g cyclones) and to the Soviet Union for offering three projects. You’ve probably heard the song “Sa Par Thway Toung Lo Pone”. We thought that the probability of Famine in Burma is quite low.

We had proficient and kind physicians and surgeons. Our ancestors donated medicine to the needy and established free clinics.

The United Nations elected U Thant as the third Secretary General and the first Asian UNSG. Burma was a co-founder of the Non-aligned movement to provide some balance between the two powerful nations.

Burma was among the first to recognize China and to help become one of the five Veto wielders at UN.

Many were thus surprised and alarmed when Myanmar was hit by

  • shortage of food,
  • COVID-19,
  • and silence by China when the power mongers defied their carefully drawn constitution and arrested the democratically elected representatives.

The decisions and acts of egoists, egotists and egomaniacs will go down in history as comparable to those of Hitler’s Nazis and the ruthless dictators.

CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) is the most effective strategy against the power mongers who do not care about people (even in times of crises such as Cyclone Nargis and the current pandemic).

Kudos to all generations : Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen J or Gen W (for Joker or Wild Card).

With your passion and persistence, Truth will prevail.

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