Good News AND Civil Disobedience

Update : February 5, 2021

Good News

The News Media around the world were surprised and delighted that the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution regarding the unjust and illegal acts of the Myanmar Military.

It is rare to have no vetoes and abstentions.

The World Leaders clearly voiced the unjustified use of Might and Threat by the Military to the democratically elected candidates and the 20+ million who voted in the fair election.

Civil Disobedience

I wrote the following in “The Apostle of Non-violence”.

A man of true principle
With spirit invincible
He sacrificed his pleasures
Faith and freedom were his treasures

No arms did he carry
No threats made his tarry
No torture or prison
Could change his decision

He led all protests
Despite threats and arrests
All races and creeds
Revered his deeds

I wrote the following in “To the Fallen Warrior”.

You fought your foes
Not with your bows
But with a mighty pen

You sang a song
And made us long
To free this sacred land

“Look at the heartless tyrants
They’ve made a living hell
Let’s drive these murderous giants
Brothers, fight and rebel

If you have faith in the lone star
Against the red background
Independence will not be far
Your advice was too sound”

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