Month: February 2021

Paulians (9)

Update : February 7, 2021 U Aung Myint (Thamankyar Ko Myint) : SPHS64, Engineer, Actor, Musician Tekkatho Aye Maung (Reggie) : Musician U Aung Chaw (Victor) : SPHS63, Retired engineer, Ashin Ukkamsa Dr. Aung Win Chiong : Admitted as Roll Number One to IM(2) in 1964 Maung Aye […]

Paulians (10)

Update : February 7, 2021 Dr. Khin Maung Zaw (Frank Gale, SPHS63) Stood 17th in the Matriculation examination in 1963. He can be seen — standing second from left — in the group of the ten Collegiate Scholarship winners for 1963. Retired after working in the UK. U […]

Hla Min : Poems (2)

Update : October 15, 2021 To the Fallen Warrior The Phaungdaw-u Festival The Ngapali Beach Our Unity To the Fallen Warrior Independence Movement and the Warriors “Taw Hlan Yay Nay” (Resistance Day) is celebrated in March. The resistance officially started on March 27, 1945. Bohmu Ba Htoo had […]

RU Centennial Group

Introduction The group “Gangaw Myay (Hnit Taya Pyie Tekkatho)” — formed on September 11, 2019 to prepare for the Centennial Celebrations of the University of Rangoon in 2020. It grew fast both qualitatively and quantitatively. There were 60000+ members at the end of 2020. Many are active members, […]

Buddhist Dictionary

Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines Author: Nyanatiloka“Central Internment Camp”, Dehra-Dun, India, August 1946 Editor : NyanaponikaThird revised and enlarged edition200+ pagesForest Hermitage, Kandy, Ceylon, February 1970 Dhamma danaSingapore Buddhist Meditation Center, February 1987 Contents References to Pali Canon (Sutta and Abhidhamma), and commentaries Pali terms & synonyms […]