• Smart is an adjective.
  • Smarter and Smartest are the comparative and superlative forms.

Conventional and Unconventional Wisdom

  • Thomas Edison said, “Success is due to 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”.
  • Newer thinking : “Work smarter. Not harder.”

Smart Card and Devices

  • I worked for a Defense Contractor.
  • My assignment was at DMDC (Defense Manpower Data Center).
    Every employee and contractor was issued a Smart Card, which has a processor and memory to hold Biometrics (e.g. fingerprint), Photo ID, and Cryptographic Keys.
    One has to use a Smart Card to (a) enter specified areas of the building (b) logging on to a computer system.
    Smart cards were not cheap at that time, and there were limitations in the resources (e.g. memory on the card)
  • Smart devices (e.g. smart phones) are ubiquitous.
    Smart cars (e.g. driver-less) are available.


SMART is an acronym for setting Objectives.

  • S : Specific
  • M : Measurable
  • A : Achievable
  • R : Realistic
  • T : Time-bounded

SMARTER (which extends SMART) is a lesser used acronym.

SMART Group of Companies

  • U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing founded the group in Myanmar.
  • SMART Media is a company in the group.

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