Two Hunters …

Matthew Hunter

  • Matthew Hunter served as Principal.
  • A medal in his name is awarded to outstanding students.
  • He selected two brilliant students — Ba Than and Kyaw Myint — to sit for entrance examination for Medicine (offered by Calcutta University).
  • Dr. Ba Than later became
    first native Police Surgeon,
    Dean, Faculty of Medicine, RU
    Medical Superintendent, war-time RGH
    Rector, IM(1)
  • U Kyaw Myint requested permission to attend his mother’s funeral. Matthew Hunter warned him that he would be expelled.
    After twists and turns, U Kyaw Myint served as Dean of Law.
    For details, read the series of posts by Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint.
    Dr. Ba Than appointed Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint and greeted him at the PSC interview.

Mark Hunter

  • Served as Member, 1920 RU Act (which was protested by the students leading to the First RU Students’ Strike).
  • He later joined RU as a Professor

Sir Arthur Eggar

  • Sir Arthur Eggar was a member of the Cambridge University Rowing team. He is Founder and Life President of Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC).
  • He pledged a third of his salary (as Professor of Law) for the operating expenses of RUBC.
  • The Club House was build with the donation for RU Estate by philanthropist U Nyo.
    U Nyo’s donation was also used for the Rangoon University Student Union Building. U Nyo received an Honorary Doctorate from RU.
  • On an earlier trip, Sir Arthur Eggar was a Lecturer in Mathematics.
  • Details can be found in his Autobiography and in the Commemorative Issue for the 90th Anniversary of the founding of RUBC.
  • Along with several Old Members, I donated for the reprint of Sir Arthur’s Autobiography.
  • I served as a Contributing Editor for the 90th Anniversary Issue. I wrote three articles, and Prelude for each section.
  • U Tin Htoon, U Myo Myint and U Htaik San (Henry Kao) served as Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the RUBC Magazine Committee.

Lawrence Dudley Stamp

  • Served as Professor of Geography and/or Geology.
  • Author of Geography Text Book.
  • Taught at London School of Economics (LSE).
  • Authority of Land Use (in UK).

G H Luce

  • Served as Professor of History and/or English.
  • His spouse Tee Tee Luce is the sister of Saya U Pe Maung Tin (Pali Scholar, Proponent for a separate Burmese Department st RU, Principal of Rangoon College…).

J S Furnival

  • Co-founder of Burma Research Society (BRS).
  • BRS published books and journals. It also sponsored the Research Congress.
  • U Win (Geography) is regarded as the last speaker of the Research Congress.
  • Higher authorities announced that BRS would be shut down the following day.

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