Musical Evenings

  • One to celebrate the RU Centennial
  • Another to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of “Myanmar Ah Than

MRTV Broadcast

Some broadcasts had mixed reviews.

The program by

  • Kaiser (Ko Nyi)
  • May Khalar (Ma Nge)
  • Hemar Nay Win
  • May Sweet (Ma Swe)
  • and the SUCCESS Band

had overwhelming support from the “Not so young” and Oldies from around the world.

All the 12 songs reflect the University / College life (in the late 70s and early 80s).

They were composed by

  • (mostly by) Kaiser
  • Ko Thet (Kalaw, GTI)
  • Soe Lwin Lwin
  • Saw Bwe Hmu

The songs were initially performed in front of the halls, at the Recreation Center and at reunions / gatherings. They were recorded and released in different albums over the years.

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