Paulians (7)


Dinner Gathering

  • Myo Nyunt (Harry Kyaw, SPHS 63) is one of the organizers.
  • He used to be active in OPA.
  • He is the de factor leader of the younger group (SPHS 65, last batch of SPHS).
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Where are they now?

  • They were my class mates at SPHS.
  • I have not heard from them (most for a very long time).
  • Hope they are alive and well.

Alfred Lunn Maung
He was a close friend of Edmund Ba Thin in our middle school days.

Anthony Lourdes
He was one of the three classmates who had plans to become Catholic Priests.

Aung Kyee Myint
He was selected Tekkatho Luyechun from Yezin (Agricultural Institute) for the Inlay Khaung Daung Camp in 1965.

A S Soni
He and Dave S Saluja were the two well known Sikhs in our class.

Bernard Taylor
He did missionary work in the Philippines before moving back to Upper Burma. I once received a short message on the Internet, but have not heard from him since.

Edmund Ba Thin
He is the elder brother of Tin Latt who rowed for Ye Gyaung Lu Nge. He is a close friend of Alfred Lunn Maung.

Edward Chow
He took Matriculation as an external candidate along with San Maung (Robert Kyi).

Edward Hla Shwe (1)
His father owned a Photo Studio and was one of the contractors for taking Group Photos of the classes. An unmounted Class Photo sold for one kyat. The mounted version sold for One Kyat and Fifty pyas.
Several years ago, I met him at his “Myet Hman (glasses)” shop on Sule Pagoda Road. The shop later relocated.

Edward Hla Shwe (2)
He was one of the classmates who were allowed to leave early on Fridays.

Han Kan Paw
He was from Chin Hills.

Hla Myint
He was one of tallest guys in our class. His family manufactured Snow White Makeup.

Herbert KCL
Some would try to remember KCL as Potassium Chloride. It stands for Khai Chin Liang.

Khin Maung Khine
I am not sure why he received the nickname “Nga Ye Min Tha”.

Khin Maung Kywe 
He excelled in Track and Field, and Soccer.

Khin Maung Lin (Saw Lin)
He was named Saw Lin because he was born in Nattalin. He became a medical doctor.
His younger brother was named Saw Pun because he was born in PaPun. Both renamed “Saw” to “Khin”.

Jonathan Swamy 
He was close with Patrick Das and Sammy Bi.

Malcolm Maung Maung
He became known as Zi Wa Mya Zaw (Distinguished Tuition Saya for Biology). His parents and siblings operated Recording Studios.

Maung Maung Thaung
He gave his address as 51, Pho Myay Lann.

Michael Oo
He is the elder brother of Bo Bo Oo (Oscar, M71).

Michael Su
He is close with Michael Oo.

Moe Nyunt
He was called “Lay Lone”. He attended the I.Sc.(A) held at SPHS.

Orlando Thein
He was a member of the Marching Band along with Win Maung. He became a medical doctor.

Patrick Das
He was an organizer for games at Lunch Break.

Patrick Ni
His younger sister is the spouse of Ko Maung Maung Gyi (SPHS64, UCC, GBNF).

Sammy Bi 
He was close with Patrick Das and Jonathan Swamy.

San Maung (Robert Kyi)
He took Matriculation as an external candidate along with Edward Chow.

Sydney Khant
He is the son of Pantanaw U Khant and nephew of United Nations Secretary General U Thant.

Than Htay
He is a cousin of Win Maung. He studied Engineering.

Than Win (Henry Wong)
There were two Than Win. The other Than Win studied Engineering,

Tin Ni
During our Std IV (D), he was the Champion for Track & Field in the Midget class.

Tommy Aung
There were two Tommy Aung. He majored in Physics. The other Tommy Aung (aka Tun Tun Aung) studied Medicine.

Tommy Chit Maung (Naing Win)
He is the son of Widura Thakin Chit Maung.

William Mya
Many years ago, he was a Tuition Saya.

Win Maung 
He is a cousin of Than Htay. He was a member of the Marching Band. He studied Medicine.

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