My Teachers at SPHS

Update : January 26, 2021

Class Teachers

  • Ms. A Benjamin
    Class teacher of Std. IV(D)
  • Mrs. Violet Boudville
    Class teacher of Std. V(D)
  • Saya U Pe Tin
    Burmese teacher for Std. V (D)
    Class teacher for Std. VI (D)
    Three prizes : Highest score, Handwriting, Moral character
  • Saya U Nge
    Class teacher for Std. VII (D)
  • Brother Anthony
    Class teacher for Std. VIII (A)
  • Brother Xavier
    English teacher for VIII(A)
    Class teacher for IX(A)
    Subtract 10 marks per error (some end up with -240)
    Penalty for grammatical errors
  • Brother Austin
    Class teacher for X(A)
    Taught English and “Morals and Manners”
    School Librarian
    Gave prizes

Subject Teachers

  • Ms. Amelia Kyi (“Miss Hong Kong”)
    English teacher for VI(D) and VII(D)
    English tests (including Spelling and Dictation)
    Fine : 25 – 50 pyas
    Reward : 50 pyas
  • Saya Lewis (English)
  • Saya Timms (English)
  • Brother Clementian (Mathematics)
  • Saya Johnny Myo (Mathematics)
  • Saya U Kyaw Khin (Mathematics)
  • Saya U Sein (Burmese)
  • Saya U Nyunt Maung (Burmese)
  • Saya D’Cruz (Chemistry)
  • Saya Beatson (Physics)
  • Saya U M. Hla Min (Physics)
  • Saya U Hla Myint (Physics)
  • Saya U Htay Myint (History, Geography)
  • Saya U Htwe (History, Geography)

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