What is RU?

Update : January 25, 2021

Rangoon University (RU)

  • In a broad sense, RU is the ancestor of the 300 (or so) educational institutions in Myanmar.
  • RU is more than the Main Campus (originally shared by Judson College and some Faculties of Rangoon College).
  • RU is more than the 8 (or so) Departments (e.g Law) in December 1920.
  • RU was a highly ranked university (backed up by its staff and students excelling in their studies in UK, USA, …).
  • Students from other countries came to study at RU.
  • RU was the alma mater of Leaders (e.g Bogyoke Aung San, UNSG U Thant), Diplomats, Scholars, Professionals, Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins, Athletes …
  • In the early days, the Top Matriculates pursued their passion.
  • There was no pressure to study selected disciplines (to be considered as Professionals).
  • Dr. Hla Shwe (First in Burma in 1953) studied Physics
  • Koon Yin Chu (Phillip Chu, First in Burma in 1954) studied Architecture
  • Dr. Htin Kyaw (First in Burma in 1957) studied Physics
  • Dr. Soe Win (First in Burma in 1958) studied Chemistry
  • Dr. Frankie Ohn (First in Burma in 1959) studied Physics
  • Dr. Min Oo (Second in Burma in 1963) studied Mathematics


  • There have been several “New” Education Systems, several name changes and several institutions.
  • Several students were effected by the use of the controversial ILA to admit matriculates to universities.
  • There were stories about the higher authorities “pressuring” the sayas to let “all students” pass.
  • There were reports about inadequate equipment and extremely long commutes to “remote” places (without adequate housing for staff and students).


Hope the noble RU tradition can be maintained at all the universities and institutions in Myanmar.

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