SPHS 1963

Update : January 25, 2021

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  • In the Matriculation of 1963, Khin Maung U, Min Oo, Myo San, Nyunt Wai and Thein Wai took the Top Five positions.
  • I was Seventh.
  • Aung Kyaw Zaw (9th), Maung Maung Kyi (11th), Aung Thu Yein (13th) and Khin Maung Zaw (17th) also won Collegiate Scholarships (monthly allowance of 75 Kyats (gross) and 60 Kyats (net after tuition fees)
  • The Top Three scored Distinctions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English and had high scores in Burmese.
  • In those days, less than ten students scored Distinction in English, and only a couple scored Distinction in Burmese.

Dr. Khin Maung U

  • Ko Khin Maung U scored 299 out of 300 marks for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (where the Chief Examiner supposedly took back a mark from the perfect score).
  • He was selected Multiple Luyechun at IM(1).
  • Due to changes in the Education System, he and fellow bright students had to study the M.Sc. (Med Sc).
  • After a long wait, Dr. Khin Maung U was able to complete Fellowships and MD.
  • His experience in Medical Research and Teaching landed jobs in US Universities and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • After retirement, he has posted hundreds of Medical Research Reports for lay readers.
  • Earlier, he translated Dhamma Talks (e.g Abdhidhamma Course by Dr. Nandamarlarbhivamsa) into English and also served as Gawpaka for selected monasteries in the Maryland Area.

Dr. Min Oo

  • Learned Advanced Mathematics while still in High School.
  • Received two Doctorates in Mathematics from Germany.
  • Retired as Professor from McMasters University in Canada.

Dr. Myo San (GBNF)

  • Mastered Phonetics and English
  • Took early retirement as a Surgeon

Dr. Nyunt Wai

  • Retired as Professor of Physiology
  • Taught at a Malaysian University
  • Hobbies: Writing (include Kabyars), Painting
  • Founded “Sagar Pariyae” Facebook Group

Dr. Thein Wai

  • Moved to USA after graduation from IM(2)

Hla Min

  • Studied Electrical Communications and Computer Science
  • Taught at UCC, DCS and ICST
  • Retired after working in Silicon Valley
  • Jack of All Trades and Master of Some

Dr. Aung Kyaw Zaw

  • Joined Military after graduation from IM(2)

Maung Maung Kyi

  • Studied Chemical Engineering with Specialization in Pulp and Paper
  • Worked at Sittaung Paper Mill and PPIC
  • Moved to Wales, UK

Aung Thu Yein (GBNF)

  • Studied Electrical Communications
  • Worked for MOC and Schlumberger

Dr. Khin Maung Zaw

  • Worked in Myanmar and UK

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