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Update : January 25, 2021

  • Language
    Natural language
    Programming Language
  • Laughter
  • Law
  • Lay Na Ban
    Lann Na Bay Tekkatho
    University of Life
  • Learning
    Fun with Learning
    Life Long Learning
  • Licensed Medical Practitioner (LMP)
    LMP to MBBS
  • [In] Lighter Vein
  • Logic
    Logic system
    2 valued logic
    3 valued logic
  • Lost Neikban (RIT)
    Parody by U Myat Htoo (C68)
  • Luyechun
    Outstanding student
    Inlay Luyechun
  • Mathematics
    Basic Mathematics
    High School Mathematics
    Pure Mathematics
    Applied Mathematics
    Computational Mathematics
    Concrete Mathematics
    Continuous Mathematics
    Discrete Mathematics
    Mathematics Sayas
    U Aung Hla
    U Kar
    U Ba Toke
    Dr. Chit Swe
    U Net
    Dr. Ba Kyi
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Agricultural Engineering (Sub-department)
    Automobile Engineering (Sub-department)
    Mechanical Alumni
    Mechanical Sayas
    U Aung Khin
    U Ba Than
    U Kyin Soe
    U Tin Hlaing
    U San Tun
  • Mechanical Engineering Education Post 1950
    by Saya U Aung Khin
  • Mechanical Sayas and Alumni
    Saya U Aung Khin
    Saya U Ba Than
  • Medals and Cups
    Gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal
    Challenge Cup
  • Medicine
    Magnum Opus by Dr. Mya Tu and spouse
    “Who’s who in Medicine in Burma?”
    “Who’s who in Health Industry in Myanmar?”
    Pioneer doctors (by Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint)
    Report for lay people (by Dr. Khin Maung U)
  • Medical Research
    Burma Medical Research Institute (BMRI)
    Directorate of Medical Research (DMR)
    Dr. Mya Tu (Founder)
    Magnum Opus by Dr. Mya Tu and spouse
    “Who’s who in Medicine in Burma?”
    “Who’s who in Health Industry in Myanmar?”
    Young researchers (photo provided by Dr Nyunt Wai)
  • Memory
    Associative memory
    Long term memory
    Memory feat (e.g. Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw)
    Memory loss
    Memory practice / training
    Memory types
    Photographic memory
    Short term memory

Memories of PPBRS

Private Primary Boundary Road School
Daw Tin Tin Aye (Founder)
Daw Khin Khin Aye (Principal, extended PPBRS to PBRS)
Sayas and sayamas

Memories of RUBC

Rangoon University Boat Club
Sir Arthur Eggar (Founder and Life President)
Past Captains

Memories of SPHS

St. Paul’s High School
De La Salle Brothers (Founders)
Brother Directors
Brother Clementian
Sayas and Sayamas
Outstanding Matriculates
Old Paulians’ Association (OPA)
Saya Pu Zaw Pwe and Gatherings
Old Paulians
Old Paulian Doctors

Memories of UCC

Universities’ Computer Center
Temporary home : 3rd floor of Mandalay Hall
Permanent home : Thamaing College Campus
Predecessor of Department of Computer Science (DCS), Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) and University of Computer Studies in Yangon (UCSY)


Take away in a speech / presentation
Both message and messenger are important


Some use celebrities for conveying messages
Both messenger and message are important

Early days (by Saya U Thit, GBNF)
Sayas and sayamas

Min Ko Naing

Student leader and activist
Now supporting foundations (e.g. education)
Visit to USA with Ko Ko Gyi
Visit to USA with Aw Pi Kye


Early days (by Saya U Soe Khaw, GBNF)
Sayas and Sayamas


Mingun Bell
Mingun Sayadaws

Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw(Ashin Vicittasarabhivamsa)

Chief Reciter / Responder, Sixth Buddhist Council
Guinness Book of World Records (for Sayadaw’s memory prowess)


in Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay …)
in Northern California
in Southern California
in East Coast
by class or discipline


Myanmar Astro Research Bureau / MARB

Formerly BARB

Myanmar Medical & Dental Professionals

World wide gatherings

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