Sixth Buddhist Council

Source : U Silananda

  • Date : May 1954 – 56
  • Place : Rangoon (Burma)
  • Prime Minister : U Nu
  • Leader : Revata Thera
  • Number of Monks : 2500
  • Duration : Two years for the Pali Texts
  • Accomplishment :
    Reaffirmed the Texts accepted at the previous Councils.
    Editions of Pali Texts, Commentaries and Sub-commentaries

References :

  • Sangayana Album

Editor’s Notes :

  • Mahasi Sayadaw U Sobhana acted as the Chief Questioner.
  • Migun Tipitaka Sayadaw U Vicittacarabhivamsa acted as the Chief Reciter.
  • The Guinness Book of World Records honored Mingun Sayadaw’s Memory.

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