Senior Engineers and Architects in 2012

U Thet Win (M70) posted me the book that was distributed at “Paying respect to Engineers and Achitects, 75 years or older” ceremony sponsored by Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) on May 6, 2012. Those honored include:

1. U Aung Kyi
2. U Aung Kywe
3. U Aung Par Thein
4. U Aung Hla Tun [Saya]
5. U Aung Than
6. U Aye Su
7. U Ba Aye
8. U Ba Chit
9. U Ba Myint [Saya]
10. U Ba Shein
11. U Ba Than [Sayagyi]
12. U Ba Thwin
13. U Bo Gyi [Ashin Pandita]
14. U Bo Kyin
15. U Hla Aye
16. U Hla Thein
17. U Hla Tin
18. U Hla Yee
19. U Kan Aye
20. U Kyi
21. U Kenneth C Po
22. U Khin Aung Kyi [Sayagyi]
23. U Khin Maung
24. U Khin Maung Lin
25. U Khin Maung Aye
26. U Khin Maung Lwin
27. U Khin Maung Yin
28. U Khin Maung
29. U Ko Ko Gyi
30. U Ko Ko Gyi [Part-time Saya]
31. U Ko Ko Than
32. U Kyaw Gyi
33. U Kyaw Myint
34. U Kyaw Thaung
35. U Kyaw Zan
36. U Kyi Khin
37. U Kyin Htwe
38. U Kyu Po
39. U Lay Lwin
40. U Lit Tan Gyi
41. U Maung Maung Htay
42. U Maung Maung Kyaing
43. U Maung Maung
44. U Mya Thein
45. U Myint Pe
46. U Myint Sein [passed away on 21st April, 2012]
47. U Myint Swe
48. U Myint Thein
49. U Myo Kyi
50. U Myo Swe
51. U Nyunt Hlaing
52. U Ohn Thwin
53. U Pe Thein
54. U San Tun Aung
55. Mr. S. Arya [Saya]
56. U San Maung
57. U San Myint
58. U San Yin
59. U San Ya
60. U Saw Bo Ka Naung
61. U Saw Gladstone
62. U Saw George Bu Mu [?]
63. U Saw Hap Block [?]
64. U Saw Maung
65. U Saw Taik Ain
66. U Sein Hlaing
67. U Sein Maung
68. U [Saw] Christopher Maung [Saya]
69. U Shwe Maung
70. U Soe Thein
71. U Soe Thein
72. U Than Aung
73. U Than Aye
74. U Than Lwin
75. U Than Tun
76. U Than Aye
77. U Than Hlaing
78. U Thein Tun
79. U Thein Tun
80. U Tin Aung
81. U Tin Maung Shwe
82. U Tin Maung
83. U Tin U
84. U Tin Tun
85. U Tin Tun
86. U Tin Yee
87. U Tun Kyi
88. U Tun Kyi
89. U Tun Lwin
90. U Tun Thein
91. U Wan Hlaing
92. U Thin Maung
93. U Win Naing
94. U Win Naing
95. U Win Pe
96. U Win Thein

The “notes” differ in length and content.
A few photos and addresses are missing.
Some names are spelled with variations. “na-thut versus ma-thut”.

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