RU Centennial : Photos and Posts

Update : January 23, 2021

Newspapers (notably Kyemon) and TV stations (notably MRTV) are helping celebrate the RU Centennial.


There are photos of alumni (with various flavors)

  • Care-free days
  • Gatherings
  • Graduation
  • Couples
  • Siblings
  • Two or three generations

    Feel free to add to the Albums and to provide captions and background information


  • Censorship
  • Dark Days
    July 1962
    December 1974
    Other Ah Yah Ah Khin
  • Education Systems
    Early Days
    New System in 1964
    Regional Colleges
    Proliferation of schools
  • Memories
    SEAP Games
    RU Sports
    Gone But Not Forgotten
    Sweet memories
    Lost love
  • Outstanding Alumni
    Sayas and Sayamas
    Various Disciplines
  • Poems
    English poems

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