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Sayagyi Dr. Chit Swe (GBNF)

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I have written about Saya Chit in several of my posts. The following are some highlights.


Dr. Chit Swe founded UCC (Universities’ Computer Center) with the help of Saya U Soe Paing, Saya U Myo Min and Saya U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF).
UCC staff and students address the founding members as Saya Chit, Saya Paing, Saya Myo and Saya Lay.


  • Saya is a Pioneer of Computer Education and Application in Burma.
  • He is a Proponent of Life Long Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Leapfrogging Technology.
  • He had confidence in the talents of the Burmese sayas and students.
  • He is my mentor.
  • I had the golden opportunity to work on his projects (including Preparation for the UCC Project, High School Mathematics Curriculum Change, Children’s Treasury of Knowledge, and Team of System Specialists).


  • Saya ensured that there would be a component in the UCC Project to invite short term and long term Computer Scientists and Educators to UCC.
    Professor Harry D Huskey (Past ACM President and a Computing Pioneer) was given the sub contract to help with the academic and professional courses being given at UCC.
  • Saya made sure that the post-graduate diploma (DAC) and post-graduate Computer Science courses were given under the Mathematics Department until a separate CS Department could be opened.


  • Saya served as Director of UCC in addition to being Professor of Mathematics.
  • Moved back to RASU
  • Never lost passion about his pet baby UCC
  • Retired as Rector of RASU.
  • Relocated to Thailand and Australia.
  • Continued supervising graduate students in Australia. Saya was still passionate about UCC, Computers and Education in Burma and beyond.
  • Called me and mentioned that UCC started using ICL 1902S computer about the same time as several universities in Australia, and that the Australian universities are going all out for the latest advances.
    Hoped that the same would apply to Myanmar.
  • Passed away in Sydney at the tender age of 89.

Dr. Tin Maung (GBNF)

  • Saya was Lecturer of Mathematics at Rangoon University
  • Succeeded Saya Chit as Director of UCC
  • Retired as Rector of ICST
  • Sadly, Saya is GBNF
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During his tenure, the Department of Computer Science (DCS) was established under RASU. Saya U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF) was Professor. U Tun Aung Gyaw was as Associate Professor. I was a Lecturer.


The Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) was established in 1988 with Saya Dr. Tin Maung as Rector.

There were initially four Departments :

  • Hardware Technology (with U Tun Aung Gyaw as Associate Professor and Head)
  • Software Technology (with Yours Truly as Associate Professor and Head)
  • Information Systems (with Saya U Ko Ko Lay as Professor and Head)
  • Computational Mathematics

30 students were admitted to the first B.Sc (Computer Science) course.

15 students were admitted to the first B.Sc. (Computer Technology) course.


ICST later became UCSY (University of Computer Studies Yangon)


There have been gatherings for

  • 40th Anniversary of the founding of UCC
  • 30th Anniversary of the founding of ICST
  • 5th Acariya Puzaw Pwe of ICST/UCSY in January 2018
  • 6th Acariya Puzaw Pwe of ICST/UCSY in December 2019

In January 2018, I was invited as the Generation Zero Member to attend the ICST/UCSY hosted the 5th Acariya Puzaw Pwe and give a short speech.

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  • Invited to give a Guest Lecture at UCSY
  • Requested to write an article for for the commemorative magazine for the 30th Anniversary of ICST
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Memories of UCC

  • During my visit to Yangon in January and February of 2018, I spent almost three whole days writing “Memories of UCC”
  • Posted Word and PDF files
  • UCSY sayamas suggested to submit a shorter version for the commemorative magazine
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Introduction to the History Book

By Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi

I am writing this short introduction to the publication of a book on “History of Engineering Education in Myanmar ” with a happy thought in my mind as it is the first of its kind, and it will become one of the important documents for reference in future for all of us. This publication became a reality because of the time and effort put in by Saya U Soe Paing, Sayagyi U Ba Than, Saya U Aung Hla Tun & team, Ko Hla Min, Ko Htin Myaing and various alumni and teaching staff who contributed among others, articles, memoirs and photos etc for the publication, based on few available recorded documents and from memory. Therefore without any doubt it will need to be improved in later editions.

As far as I know, the engineering education and its institutions started before the World War II by the British colonial rulers based mainly on UK engineering education system . After the World War II, it slowly evolved into a hybrid system, based mainly on inputs from American and Russian engineering education systems, because of the amendments and improvements made by most of the teaching staff, who were trained in USA and Russia. Whatever the case maybe, the engineering institutions produced good engineers and architects who have contributed and are contributing to the development of Myanmar in their various capacities.

I am quite convinced that this publication will not only establish the record of past engineering education in writing, but will also provide the lessons to be learned for improvements in future.

I am glad to note that the Government and authorities are making efforts and are taking steps to develop the country quickly in various sectors . Within this context and with the lessons learned from the brief history of engineering education, I hope that the engineering education institutions will be able to expand and deepen the engineering disciplines to be taught for future needs of the country. Eventually and in the near future I hope that the engineering education institutions in Myanmar will evolve into the institutions of excellence with good teaching staff, good students and good teaching and research facilities. With this hopeful thought I conclude my brief introduction.

Editor’s notes :

  • Due to time and resource constraints, the History book was published mainly in Burmese/Myanmar.
  • U Ohn Khine (M70) translated Section One into English, and summarized Section Two in English. They have been edited by Saya U Soe Paing and posted in my updates.
  • U Ohn Khine and I compiled a Supplemental CD for the History Book. It contained several articles in English (some classic and some new) and photos (some with captions).
  • The book was published in time for SPZP-2012.
  • Saya U Aung Hla Tun has given the copy right of the book initially to YTU and recently to RITAA.
  • Saya is also heading the follow up project known as HMEE-2018. The project will revise the book produced by HMEE-2012 and add additional material.

IM(1) Field Trip in 1967

  • Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60) graduated from the Institute of Medicine 1 in 1967.
  • IM(1) medical students took a field trip.
  • They played a “friendly” football match where legs were hovering near the heads.
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Field Trip of IM(1) Students 
  • The referee could not give “red cards” to spoil the match, and had to be contented giving out “yellow cards” and also be prepared to run away from the crowd once the match ended.
  • Despite having a reasonably good goal keeper, the IM(1) team lost by 8 goals. The locals graciously hosted a sumptuous dinner to brag their victory and hospitality.

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