Dress, Etiquette, Food …


  • Some (e.g. Saya U Khin Zaw, Chemistry, Worker’s College) remember how the Collegians dressed nicely even before going to the dining hall, and much more elegantly before visiting the Ladies’ Halls.
  • The ladies and even the young girls (e.g. residents of Bagan Road) sported Burmese attire.
  • Miss University Pageant was a display of pristine form and beauty. Daw Thitsar Lwin posted beautiful photos of her mother Daw Mary Soe Yin (Miss University for 1958 – 59).
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  • A senior alumni recalled how the Conductors on the Naga (Dragon) Line Buses were cordial.
  • The later buses would have Numbers instead of Pictures.
    Some believe that the change of the Bus Signs is one of the Yadayas of the higher authorities.
    Other Yadayas include the printing of non-standard denomination notes (e.g. K15, K35, K45, K75, K90) and abruptly changing to “Nyar Lann Maung” (without changes to the cars and streets).
  • Sayama Daw May Saw Lwin remembered her days at Yankin College where Saya U Ba Toke would address the students as “Ladies and Gentlemen”.


  • Several yearn for the decent food (e.g. Mohinga, Nangyi thoke, Than Bu) that could be obtained at the Canteens for less than a Kyat, and the strong buying power in the good old days before indiscriminate demonetization.
  • Several posts list the food prices of the various periods.
    They were still reasonable before the steep decline of the purchasing power of the Kyat.
    During one of my visits to Myanmar, some toll booths gave back a candy (as the equivalent of K100 change).


A few shared their “Top Secret — Bottom Open” moments

  • Male students entering a Ladies’ Toilet / Rest room
  • Attending a class for another Section
  • Signaling to fellow hostel students the presence/absence of Hall Tutors and Wardens

Metta and Cetana

  • Many are proud of their alma mater, which had produced sons and daughters who excelled not only in academia — in Burma/Myanmar and beyond — but also in Sports, Ah Nu Pyinnya and Public Service.
  • The not so young students appreciate the Metta and Cetana of their mentors (sayas and sayamas).
  • There have been Acariya Pu Zaw Pwes and Saya Pu Zaw Pwes.
  • One such gathering hosted by the Chemistry alumni showed the elderly sayas and sayamas (who are 70+ years young) on the Stage, and those (who are 60+ years young) in front.

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