Dependent Origination

Subtitle: Paticca-samuppada
The Wheel of life

Author: Sayadaw U Silananda
Editor: U Hla Myint
Publisher : Tathagata Meditation Center


Publisher’s notes
Venerable U Silananda’s biography
Dependent origination
First link : Avjja-pacaya sankhara
Second link : sabkahara-paccaya vinnanam
Third link : Vinnana-paccaya nama-rupam
Fourth link : Nama-rupa-paccaya salayatanam
Fifth link : Salayatanam-paccaya phassa
Sixth link : Phassa-paccaya vedana
Seventh link : Vedana-paccaya tanha
Eighth link : Tanha-paccaya upadana
Ninth link : Upadana-paccaya bhavo
Tenth link : Bhava-paccaya jati
Eleventh link : Jati-paccaya jara-marana

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