Rangoon University Estate *

Rangoon University Estate included the following (with name changes and/or structural changes over the years).

  • Rangoon College
  • Judson College
  • BOC College
  • Convocation Hall
  • Administrative Offices
  • Housing for sayas
  • Hostels for male and female students
  • RUSU (Rangoon University Students’ Union)
  • Sanatorium (Tekkatho Hospital)
  • RU Gymnasium
  • Tekkatho Dhammayone
  • RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club)
  • RU Swimming Pool
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Recreation Center (Chess, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Fine Arts …)
  • Libraries
  • Canteens

The Estate was managed by the Estate Engineer and his team.

U Nyo, a philanthropist, was a major donor for RUSU, RU Gymnasium and RUBC. He was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by RU.

RUSU has an important role in the History of Burma. It was the training ground for students, who later shone as regional and national leaders. Sadly, the building was demolished on 8th July 1962.

Sir Arthur Eggar, Law Professor, pledged/donated a third of his salary for RUBC. Monetary support from Dr. U Nyo and other patrons accelerated the growth of RUBC into a reputable rowing club in Burma (and beyond).

In the early days, it was convenient and not so costly to attend RU even for those who do not have scholarships and stipends. In addition to have a reasonably good quality of education (as shown by the high success rate of Burmese scholars), there was ample time and opportunity to participate and excel in sports, hobbies (SPARK, aero-modeling, so-ka-yay-tee, public speaking, debates, …)

RU produced doctors, engineers, scientists, social scientists … who were outstanding for their extra-curricular activities.

It is sad to see students forgoing their dreams because of the need to make “long” commutes and without the choice of “affordable” housing (hostel, …) . It is sad to learn that many students cannot afford the time to participate and excel in sports and hobbies.

A reasonably good “environment / program ” might nurture “Jack of all trades and master of some”.

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