Lan Na Bay Tekkatho

Update : January 22, 2021

University of Life

I had formal schooling, but many of the materials that I posted are from the “Lan Na BayTekkatho” or the “University of Life”.

Met Barbers, Cab Drivers and Say sayas who turned out to be good story tellers.


Ko Thet was a neighbor of Mintha Yoyogyi Zeya. He was a barber. He also had cameo appearances in some movies.

There were several barbers at the “Pinky San Tha” (hair salon). My uncle would wait for his favorite barber. It was probably an early lesson in Customer Relationship Management.

Cab Driver

The bad traffic in Yangon can be tolerated if the Cab Driver is a good conversationalist. One young driver lamented about the decline of moral values, and wished the reintroduction of Ethics in the present curriculum.

Say Saya

I visited an old dhamma friend. She has an indigenous clinic that was manned by a former monk (Dhammacariya and a good speaker).

One Say Saya (medical practitioner in indigenous medicine) was a member of the BCP (Burma Communist Party) and went underground with his spouse. He returned to the legal fold. Sad to say, his spouse married his former boss and remained underground for a long time.

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