Early events at Rangoon University

Update : November 15, 2022

Fresher Welcome

  • Pat Tin-Win had the courage to request Sayagyi Dr. Ba Than (who was Medical Superintendent of the Japan Khit Say Yone Gyi, Rector of IM(1) and founder of the Zwe Ah Nyeint) to play Myamangiri on the harp, and allow the recording to be used for her friend Rosie to dance at the 1964 Chemistry Fresher Welcome.
  • Sayagyi complied.

Extracurricular Activities

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Saing Waing
  • Those who chose to stay in hostels have fond memories of the various functions (e.g. by Thahaya and Sar Phutt Ah Thinn — Social and Reading Clubs), the Inter-Hall and Inter-Institute Sporting Events (e.g. at Aung San Stadium).
  • Per Daw Nyunt Nyunt Tin, she was a Day Scholar, but she spent a lot of time at Marlar Hall (known not just for beauties but for the excellent sports teams).
  • Some tried Rowing at the Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC).
    The pioneer female rowers were from the Institute of Economics and RASU (partly because they are close to RUBC). They were later joined from other Institutes (e.g. RIT, IM(1), Education).
    RUBC was founded by Sir Arthur Eggar (Law Professor) in 1923. Details of RUBC can be found in the 90th Anniversary Issue (published in 2013). RUBC allowed female members in the mid 1960s. Pioneer female members were mostly from Institute of Economics (e.g. Ma Khin Mya), RASU (e.g. Jill Gaudoin /Aye) and some from other institutes.
  • Some remember the musical evenings and nights by Pho So Chins.
    Tekkatho Tun Naung (then a Dental College Student, Luyechun for the Summer Camp of 1965 at Inlay) would play mandolin in front of the Ladies’ Halls (e.g. Inya Hall). He would later co-found the Stereo Khit.
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