Alumni in Japan

Update : January 20, 2021


RITAJ stands for RIT Alumni in Japan. It was founded by U Thein Ngwe (“Ko Thein – Tokyo”, ChE76) and U Win Myint (EC84) are founding members of RITAJ (RIT Alumni in Japan). They were early contributors to our Newsletter, but they have been silent for quite a while.

Ko Thein

Ko Thein (Tokyo) is the pen name of U Thein Ngwe. He has posted some of his articles (e.g. “Sensei”) to RIT Updates.

He attended SPZPs in Singapore and Myanmar. He attended the 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles, California, USA.

According to “Ko Thein”, there are young alumni working in Japan and they have their gatherings but not as RITAJ activity.

“RIT” is just a place holder for the engineering institutes and colleges in Burma/Myanmar, but it is possible that some young alumni do not relate themselves with “RIT”.

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Myo Khin and Winsome

Saya Dr. Myo Khin (C70)

He retired from his University. He travels to Myanmar several times a year (may be 6 months total) as a Consultant to Japanese Companies.

He and Daw Mya Mya Nwe (Winsome, C73) donated K100 Lakhs to the YTU Library Modernization Project.

Saya Dr. Taing Oke (ChE69)

He is a distinguished writer. He won the Sarpay Beik Man Sar Mu Su for his manuscript and the Ah Myo Thar Sar Pay Su (National Literary Award) for his book. His pen name is Yin Maung.

He was a Zat Saya with the RIT Ah Nu Pyinna Ah Thin.

Probably due to schedule conflicts and aging, he is not active with regards to Alumni activities.

Daw Thin Thin Naing (RIT Burmese)

She attended SPZP-2007 with U Thein Ngwe as members of RITAJ.

Later, she moved back to Myanmar (may be temporarily) and visited Japan occasionally. She is no longer active in RITAJ.


Hope the “Swel Daw Yeik” Spirit will bloom in the Land of Cherry Blossoms.

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