Rangoon University

Universities’ Training Corp


The Universities’ Training Corp (UTC) offers basic military training to sayas and students.

During our days, UTC offers an incentive. With a UTC ID, one gets a discount for seeing movies, One pays 90 pyas for the K1.50 class.

The equipment provided are not brand new. Many opt to order custom uniform.


UTC training was originally offered on the grounds near BOC College.

During the school term, there are two days per week for training. There are 50 minute session starting with drills and the elements of firearms.

During the vacation, special camps are provided for eligible students.

U Zaw Min Nawaday (EP70) has recounted his experiences in his article. He mentioned that Benny Tan (M70) won the “Let Phyount Tatt Tha Su” (sharpshooter) prize in two consecutive camps.

Organizational Structure


  • Eligible Sayas serve as Commissioned Officers with the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major.
  • Saya U Aung Than (Pali) was a Major and Commanding Officer.
  • Saya Dr. Chit Swe (Maths), and Saya U Khin Aung Kyi (ChE) later served as CO (Commanding Officer) of RASU and RIT.
  • Saya U Aung Khin (Mech) was also active in UTC, while he was teaching at the Faculty of Engineering.

Other ranks

  • Students serve mostly as Privates.
  • Some get promoted to Lance Corporal, Corporal, and Sergeant.
  • NCO (Non Commissioned Officers) are regulars.
    Some instructors are experts in Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate.


  • UTC hosted Training for Burma Judo Team
  • Ko Tin Maung Aye (“Ma Chit Su”) and Ko Myint Lwin (Charlie) attended training at UTC, Aung San Stadium and Ba Htoo.
    They were Judo Champions at the Inter-Institute and were selected for the Burma team.

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