The Doctrine of Paticcasamupadda

The Law of Dependent Origination
Exposition and Practical Application to Emancipate from the Round of Rebirths (Samsara)

Author : U Than Daing
Preface by Sayadaw U Thittila, Aggasmahapandita
Second Edition, 1996
Reviewer : U Sway Tin (son-in-law of U Than Daing)
Publisher : Society for the Propagation of Vipassana (Mogok Sayadaw’s way)


1. What is Paticcasamupadda?
2. Sections, Links, Factors and Periods
3. Khanda Paticcasamupadda (Present Aspect)
4. How Cycle of Paticcasamupadda starts revolving from Vedana
5. Revolving of Paticcasamupadda from the beginning
6. Revolving of Paticcasamupadda from the end

13. Sakkaya Ditthi. The Cause and Consequences
14. Sakkaya Ditthi and How it arises (Culla Vedalla Sutta, Mulapannasa)

Yamaka Sutta (Samyutta Nikaya


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