SPHS : Maung Maung Kyi

Brief Bio

  • Named after his parents Dr. Maung Maung and Daw Kyi Kyi.
  • Siblings : Kyi Kyi Hla, Maung Maung Khant (GBNF), Maung Maung Thant, Maung Maung Myint (GBNF), Maung Maung San, Khin Thitsar, Khin Sabai.
  • Spouse : Khin May Than
  • My Classmate for VIII(A), IX(A), X(A) and I.Sc.(A)
  • My Crew mate at RUBC
  • Best Man at my Wedding
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Matriculation 1963

Guinea Pig

  • Our elders entered the University of Rangoon after passing the combined HSF and Matriculation examination.
  • We had to take the first ever HSF Only examination in 1962.
    All subjects except English were taken in Burmese.
  • We had to take the first ever Matriculation Only examination in 1963.
  • Kamma probably decided that we would not be in the RU Campus on the fateful 7th July, 1962.

HSF in 1962

  • Scored the highest marks in Chemistry in the first ever HSF (High School Final) Only examination in 1962.

Matriculation in 1963

  • Gained distinctions in Chemistry and Mathematics, and barely missed in Physics.
  • Was a natural in Chemistry.
    Badly wanted to have distinction in Physics.
    Sadly, he had to take some time during the Physics test to go to the rest room due to a minor illness.
  • Nevertheless, he stood 13th in the whole of Burma and won the Collegiate Scholarship of 75 Kyats a month.

I.Sc. (A) / RUBC

  • Rowed as Bow in our SPHS Novice Crew
  • Willie Soe Maung (Myint Soe, first batch BDS, GBNF) was Stroke
  • Kyaw Wynn, cousin of Saya U Tin Htut, was No. (3).
  • I was No. (2)
  • Myint Thein (SPHS62), brother of U Myo Myint (EC67, RUBC Gold), was our cox
  • We were Senior Novice Runner-up.
  • Awarded Full Green

School Closure

  • Studied at Leik Khone College for a few months before the Revolutionary Council and Government shut down most Universities and Colleges except Engineering and Medicine.
  • The government wanted to quash the protests of the 7th July Anniversary.
  • Kamma probably decided that we should lose some more precious years of our lives and ended up graduating 2.5 years later than those who were one year senior to us in High School.

Study in GDR

  • No one knew when the Universities would reopen.
  • Taking no chances, Maung Maung Kyi and Kyaw Wynn accepted admission to study Engineering at Dresden University, German Democratic Republic
  • Maung Maung Kyi studied Chemical Engineering and specialized in Pulp and Paper Technology.

Return to Burma

  • Was a Best Man at our Wedding in June, 1973.
  • Assigned to projects related to his specialty “Pulp and Paper“.
  • Met his spouse Daw Khin May Than (ChE72), raised a family and later moved to Wales, UK.


  • Maung Maung Kyi and Khin May Than moved to Wales in the UK
  • Both their sons became Medical doctors
  • Rimon, their elder son, became a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force (RAF)
    He led Rescue Teams.
    A few years back, they lost Rimon in an avalanche.
    RAF notified Maung Maung Kyi and Khin May Than who were on the way to visit Myanmar. They heard the sad news a short time after they had landed in Yangon, and had to hurry back to the UK for their son’s last journey.
  • After that, Maung Maung Kyi rarely spoke and smiled.
    Khin May Than painted and took walks twice a day to ease the aches and pains.
    They decided to move to Ogmore-by-the-sea.
  • Gave their old house to their second son, also medical doctor who had spent time in Japan and had come back to see his parents.

Trip to England and Wales

  • In September 2017, we visited the UK.
    My previous visit was in 1972.
  • My cousin nephew Dr. Khin Tun (Peter, GBNF) and his spouse Daw Win Mar hosted us with sumptuous dinner almost every day.
    Both loved cooking.
    Also drove us to Southern Wales to visit Maung Maung Kyi and Khin May Than at their new house at Ogmore-by-the-sea
  • The short but memorable reunion brought back smiles to Maung Maung Kyi
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