Sikh males have Singh in their names.

Balwant Singh

  • RUBC Gold
  • Majored in Pali
  • Served as Commissioner of Pegu Division
  • Joined the United Nations.

Teja Singh

  • Entrepreneur
  • Has six sons
  • My classmate Dave Singh Saluja (aka D S Saluja) left RIT before graduation to Bangkok to co-found Rama Enterprise with his elder brother (an MIT alumnus).


  • Doctor from Mandalay
    Devotee of U Lokanatha
  • A S Soni
    Classmate at SPHS

Other Singh

  • Surinder Singh (EE) moved to Australia.
  • Surinder Singh (Myenigone) moved to USA.
  • Meenu Singh (ChE) moved to USA.
    Has a Ph.D
    Became a Professor in CS or IT.
  • Jagjit Singh (Jack Bopari, EE) moved to USA
    Worked at UIUC.
  • Uttam Singh (Uttam S. Gill, M71)
    High School Luyechun from Myitkyina
    Moved to the USA
    Has a Ph.D
    Worked for NASA

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