• U Pe Maung Tin
  • Dr. Htin Aung
  • U Ba Hli
  • Dr. Chit Swe
  • Dr. Mya Tu

U Pe Maung Tin

U Pe Maung Tin
  • First native Principal of Rangoon College
  • First Professor of Burmese Department, Rangoon University
  • Pali and Burmese Scholar
  • Bust unveiled in 2019
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Dr. Htin Aung

  • First native Rector, Rangoon University
  • Retired as Vice Chancellor, Rangoon University
  • Distinguished Author, Folklorist and Historian
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Dr. Htin Aung

U Ba Hli

  • First native Dean of Engineering, Rangoon University
  • Proponent of “Twinning” with prestigious universities in USA
  • Former Principal, GTI
  • Former Professor, Civil Engineering
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U Ba Hli

Dr. Chit Swe

  • Founder/Director of UCC
  • Pioneer of Computer Systems, Applications and Education in Burma
  • Served as Commanding Officer of UTC
  • Retired as Rector, RASU
  • Continued teaching and research in Thailand and Australia
  • Passed away in Australia in 2019
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Dr. Chit Swe

Dr. Mya Tu

  • Founder/Director, Burma Medical Research Institute
  • Co-authored “Magnus Opus” / Who’s who in the medical field in Burma
  • Passed away in Australia
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