PKT : May 17, 2020

  • Peter and his mentor Dr. TOKM
  • Peter and his grandma
  • Peter and his mom

Peter and his mentor Dr. TOKM

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint led his team of doctors including Peter and Pe Thet Khin to collect data for Maternal / Peri-natal project. When the team arrived at the food sjops / stalls, Peter would be welcomed as Sayagyi because of his stature. Peter would say “Our saya Dr. TOKM is over there”.

Peter and his friends funded the book “Tribute to Dr Thane Oke Kyaw Myint” to celebrate their saya’s 70th birthday.

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Peter and his Grandma

The two loved each other a lot, and may even have telepathic connections. Cho Cho Hlaing was surprised to see Peter walk in front of their house every time her mother had new good food.

Chubby Tubby was a cartoon character. Ma Cho would fondly call Peter as Burmese Tubby or Pote Pote Kyee.

Peter thanked his grandma to let him and his friends eat and study for the MRCP prep examination.

Even after he moved to UK, Peter kept in touch with his grandma. One day, Peter was worried to learn that his grandma had lost her appetite. Both had good appetites. Sadly, his grandma passed away a week later.

Peter and his mom

Aye Aye Khin remembers that Peter spent a lot of time talking to his mom (Ma Cherry). Peter and his mom have their birthdays in January. They would do dana together. Peter would come back from UK in January to celebrate his mom’s birthday.

Peter took us to Chan Myei Yeiktha, where he offered requisites to U Thawbita for his mom’s birthday.

Whenever Ma Cherry was not feeling well (e.g. feeling moody), Aye Aye Khin would ask Peter to call. Ma Cherry’s eyes will shine brightly.

During my early visits to Yangon, Ma Cherry will tell me about comparative religion and the books that she had read. She attended Catholic Convent schools, but she knew about the Buddhist Teachings and the dhamma practice of the sayadaws.

Her memory declined during my later visits. She passed away late last year — a couple of months before her 89th birthday.

Peter inherited Ma Cherry’s expertise for Gourmet Food. Ma Cherry was a Nutrition Expert at BMRI and had her post graduate diploma from UK. Peter shared the recipes with relatives and friends. Hope Minko and Ye Lay can archive his Facebook Pages and archive Peter’s recipes.

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