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May 14, 2020 *

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Khin Sandy Tun

Ba Ba Peter is a kind of person who was always willing to help other people’s needs. He had all the powers of kindness, wisdom, knowledge, calmness and mindfulness.

He practised dhamma at Chan Myay Yeik Thar at his young age before going to college. He encouraged us to do dhamma in everyday life. He said “Why would we only have to do mindfulness during our last time when there is so much sufferings? We should practise mindfulness in good things too, like when enjoying good foods, etc. in daily livings”.

He helped me with my studies saying “Learning is the life long process”. He also said “Put yourself in the shoes of others when treating patients”. He always appreciated me in taking care of Phwa Phwa and Phay Phay’s health. He gave me mental support by praising the good things I have done.

Even though we are thousand miles apart, he is the one who you can call online anytime in case of emergency. He is the best human and best role model. He will surely be missed in our hearts deeply.

Cho Cho Hlaing

I became Peter’s paternal aunt at the tender age of 10 yrs 1 month. The whole family was very happy. My father was elated to see his Clan being extended to the first son of his eldest son.

According to the Tradition, Peter received a family jewelry heirloom from his father U Tin U who received it as an infant as the first son of the eldest son of his paternal grandfather. Like his grandfather and father, Peter became the first son in the family.

His family resided at the house in the next compound with only the fence between our two houses. Since there was an adjoining gate, it was very easy for us to visit Peter very often. When he was young, Peter was fair had a very faint eyebrow. My mother noticed it and asked Peter’s mother to draw with the stem of the beetle leaf when she is breastfeeding him to darken Peter’s darker eyebrow. My mother did it for her nine children. Peter was brought to our house frequently and he loved to sleep in my mother’s arms full of flesh. Both my parents were thrilled whenever Peter visited as a toddler and in later years.

Once when my mother was having only plain boiled rice (ဆန္ ျပုတ္) with Nga Yant Chauk Kyaw, pounded fried salted fish for breakfast she called Peter..He never refused and had his second breakfast with the grandmother. We gave him the nickname, Pote Pote Kyee (ပုပ္ ပုပ္ ျကီး) for two reasons. One was he was a chubby kid and the other for his voracious appetite and his passion for food (အ စား ပုပ္ လို့).

When Aye Aye started to talk she called Peter instead of “Ko Ko”. She was repeating the name called by others. Whenever Aye called him Peter he would come over to my mother and complained that Aye Aye didn’t call him Ko Ko.  My mother coaxed him and explained that Aye Aye was still young to know that she should say “Ko Ko”. Peter was pleased at my mother’s reply. Later he came to tell my mother that Aye Aye had finally called her Ko Ko. Peter was proud to be an elder brother. So innocent and cute.

Peter’s mother was fond of celebrating birthday parties for the children. Peter’s birthday parties were held annually in the garden as the weather was fine in January. She would prepare every single delicacy such as a variety of cookies, sandwiches, puffs , fudge, sweets, small eats suitable for the children and the lovely birthday cake with candles. I always helped her because I have a keen interest in baking and learnt a lot from her. Peter remembered the birthday parties.

When my third brother (Dr Myo Tint) was stationed at the General Hospital in Kyaukkyi, a district town near Toungoo, my parents visited him, My fourth brother (Tin Htoon), Peter and I went along. The villagers entertained us in the Durian farm. It was the durian season. My father loved white rice with durian flesh, fresh hot milk, sugar and a pinch of salt. Peter also ate a lot of durian at a sitting and even his sweat smelled of durian. Doesn’t our nickname suit him?

My mother would prepare Thingyan Htamin during the Thingyan Water Festival annually. It was one of my father’s favorite. Peter joined his grandfather to feast with Thaingyan Htamin. It was a delicacy to be eaten in the hot weather. Plain cooked rice in fragrant water (beeswax) with jasmine flowers and rose petals and eaten with green mango salad and Nga Chauk Kyaw. Peter planned to visit Yangon during Thingyan this year. He told me in one of his phone conversation that he’ll prepare Thingyan Htamin in Yangon. Poor thing, he couldn’t make it.

Before I went for a long meditation retreat ( over a month ) at Chan Myae Yeiktha both Peter and Aye Aye reminded me to observe every individual small movements of the body (အ ေ သး စိတ္ အ မူ အ ရာ) from their previous experiences. It really helped and was beneficial in my meditation. I thanked them wholeheartedly while still at the Meditation Centre.

Peter drew ten drawings for my Abschluss Arbeit, like Thesis to be submitted before the Final Exam in my Final Year for Diploma in German Language. The title was “Der Kulturelle Hintergrund der Zubereitung and Darbietung der Birmanischer Speisen” — the cultural background of the preparation and serving of Burmese Food. I let him read the English version and told him how I would like to express with drawings. “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”. My Professor, Dr Sontag was impressed with the drawings and he wrote Excellent on the cover. I passed my final year for German Diploma with Credit. Thanks to Peter’s wonderful, descriptive drawings.

In 1993, I returned home after 6 months visit to USA and Singapore with my mother. Peter was in Yangon. I asked him to examine me for I had heavy menstruation every month. He told me that I was anemic. He asked me to lie down. He put his thumb on my navel (ခ်က္) and placed his palm on my tummy. He told me to see OG. He suspected a lump, the size of 4 months pregnancy. I made appointment with my high school friend OG Dr Cherry Than Than Tin. Uterus, myoma and ovaries were taken out in March 1993. Once again, thanks to Peter.

The turning point in his life took place when he decided to close his medical clinic in Win Mar’s hometown, Maezaligon where he was treating so many patients daily and donating water from his tube well from early morning till night time. He wanted to pursue his profession and give good education to his two sons. He prepared for his preliminary MRCP examination with 8 friends in the living room of my mother’s residence “45” Windermere Road for nearly a year. They sat on the bamboo mat with the round wooden table in the middle surrounded by stacks of books and files around them. They studied diligently and had discussions. All of them passed the preliminary exam at one shot. They were so thankful to my mother for allowing her premises for them to study peacefully. They paid respect, Ka daw DAE to my mother. My mother too was overjoyed for their successs.

Peter took care of my mother measuring blood pressure regularly and checking our health. My mother enjoyed Peter’s company and always  called him whenever we made special seasonal dishes like fresh spring rolls, Hta Ma Ne, Thingyan Hta Min, Hin Paung to name a few. Peter and Mg Mg helped me in making Nyonya Cookies for Chinese New Year when they were kids for they enjoyed eating while doing instead of placing in bottles and tins. We missed him when he left for UK in 1994.

Peter and his family made frequent visits and celebrated his mother’s birthday in January. He stayed at his parent’s house and prepared breakfast for his mother and fed her patiently. We never knew that his visit for his father’s 90th Birthday in August 2019 would be his last visit. I remember very well on the day of his arrival he came up after he had his lunch at his parent’s house saying that he would like to rest after a long tiring flight and couldn’t sleep on the plane.I gave him a bamboo mat and a pillow. He slept like a log for nearly two hours at a stretch. When he woke up he stretched his arms saying that he had regained strength and fresh now. I was so happy. One morning he came up and prepared scrambled eggs for my breakfast.

Celebrations in May

  • 55th Wedding Anniversary of U Tin Htoon and Daw Khin Than Aye
  • Khin Aye Mu’s birthday
  • Ye Lay’s birthday

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