Peter Khin Tun

May 11, 2020 *

  • Dr. Khin Kyi Nyunt and U Tin U
  • One Month Memorial

Dr. Khin Kyi Nyunt and U Tin U

During our visit to UK, Peter gave me a memory stick containing the interviews made by Min Ko.

I learnt that U Sett Khaing and Daw Sarah Tin Gyi took Tin Tin Aye (Olga, Ma Tin) and Khin Kyi Nyunt (Cherry, Ma Tu) to India during the Second World War. When U Tin Gyi passed away unexpected in the UK, the two young sisters were not informed immediately to spare shock grief.

The two sisters were very close since they attended classes together. After their return to Burma, they attended a Convent High School. They matriculated in 1949 and attended Rangoon University. They received their MBBS. Ma Cherry joined the Faculty of Medicine as Demonstrator. She transferred to BMRI (Burma Medical Research Institute) to work on Nutrition projects. She received a post graduate diploma from UK.

She married U Tin U on May 5, 1957. They had large extended families since Ma Cherry is the youngest of nine siblings, and U Tin U is the eldest of nine siblings.

At the wedding reception, her nieces joined Ma Cho (U Tin U’s youngest sister) as Flower Girls.

They had three children : Peter, Aye Aye Khin and Ye Myint.

U Tin U, Ma Cherry, Peter, Aye Aye Khin, Ye Myint

They have five grand children : Min Ko, Ye Lay, Aye Sandar, Thin Thiri Tun and Khin Sandy Tun.

Peter moved to Mezaligone after his marriage to Win Mar and opened a clinic.

Per Win Mar, they were delighted to have Ma Cherry join them in Mezaligone for about a year and look after Min Ko.

After Peter went to UK, Win Mar and her two sons stayed in the Windermere Compound. They later moved to join Peter in UK.

Ma Cherry visited UK for the second time to see her sons and their families.

Ma Cherry and Peter in UK

Peter visited Burma mostly in January to celebrate Ma Cherry’s birthday in January 12 and also his birthday late in the month. Peter posted photos of the 80th and 85th Birthdays with Ma Cherry.

Peter also posted photos of his father’s 90th birthday on August 3, 2019.

U Tin U’s mother in 2003
Ma Cherry’s 80th Birthday
Ma Cherry’s 85th Birthday
U Tin U’s 90th Birthday
U Tin U’s 90th Birthday
At Windermere Road

Min Ko and Pru hosted their engagement party in Yangon.

Ye Lay was invited to a talk in Yangon. He gave additional lectures at the Physics Department at Yangon University, and the Electrical Engineering Department at Yangon Technological University.

One Month Memorial

U Tin Htoon prepared a special Photo Card for Peter’s one month memorial.

Win Mar and family will have a special dhamma talk by Birmingham Sayadaw. Min Ko will arrange a Zoom meeting for relatives overseas.

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