Cross word puzzle

Leisure or Competition

My uncle U Thet Toe and my cousin U Mya Thein used to have a friendly competition to complete “Cross word puzzle” which was featured daily in the Working People’s Daily (an English newspaper).

Several magazines, journals and books also cover “Cross word puzzle”.


  • Simple Cross Word Puzzle
    expected to be completed in ten (or so) minutes
  • Hard Cross Word Puzzle
    requires 30+ minutes
  • Challenging Cross Word Puzzle
    may take a long time
  • Subject-specific Cross Word Puzzle
    e.g. Movies, songs


Some entries are easy to fill.

For example, a two-letter word for printer’s measure will usually be “em” or “en”. In printing, the width of the letter M is known as an “em”. The width of the letter N is an “en”.

A three-letter word for referee’s cousin will probably be “ump” (for umpire).

Some entries may be anagrams.
e.g. The anagrams for EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH are SEAT, STEW, THORN and SHOUT.

Some will have references to Shakespeare, Bible, Music, Movies, History and Geography.

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