Prome Hall Football Team *

Feedback provided by U Aye (M62, HIC/ FAO/UN(Retired)) and Dr. Richard Yu Khin (MEHS61, Yale)

  • For two successive years, the Prome Hall Football Team won the Championship at Rangoon University.
  • U Chan Tha (Class of 53) was Captain of the team. He is a Past Captain and Gold of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club).
  • Saya U Tin Swe (EE, Class of 53) was also a star player. Retired as Lecturer, EE Department, RIT.
  • Two athletic brothers (U Khin Si and U Tin Si) were members of the Champion team. They also were Tennis Doubles Champions at Rangoon University and at the National level.
  • The photo was scanned from a RUESU Annual Magazine by Saya U Soe Paing (EE, UCC) for the “History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar”. Saya U Ba Than (M) and Saya U Thaw Kaung (retired Chief Librarian of Rangoon University Central Library) were proud supporters and enablers for the project.

U Aye (M62) wrote :

In the photo of Prome Hall football team,

  • Extreme left standing- Jimmy Sein (U Tint Swe, C55, GBNF) Dy. DG of Vocational and Technical Schools. He was from St. Patrick’s HS, Mawlamyine.
  • Sitting extreme left- U Taik Ain (C54, GBNF), SE at PWD(CC), from Mudon.
    He was also a RU tennis champion.
    He passed away recently in 2020.
  • S. Mahindar (C52), Standing back row center, goalkeeper was from Moulmein. SE, PWD ( Retired).
    His younger brother B. Singh, was RU and Tennessarim division selected goalkeeper. B. Singh was my classmate at St. Patrick’s HS, Moulmein.
  • U Win Kyu (C52), SE, PWD (Retired). Sitting second from right.
    He was from Taunggyi.
  • U Thaung, (C55), SE, PWD ( Retired). Sitting extreme left,
    He was from Taunggyi.

Dr. Richard Yu Khin (MEHS61) wrote :

  • My father [U Yu Khin] was Warden of Prome Hall in 1946-1947 and their football team (green shirts) became my favorite.
  • In 1946, former President of Burma Peter Wun [U Htin Kyaw] was delivered by my mother [Dr. Daw Phay] at Prome Hall at our residence.
    Mrs. Wun and my mother were classmates at ABM (American Baptist Mission) High School in Mandalay.
  • The residences on Pagan Road was reserved for British in pre-war Burma.
    A few months before Independence on January 4, 1948, these residences became available to Burmese. U Wun (Minthuwun) had the residence in front of us which had the same floor plan.
    Dr. Maung Maung Kha‘s residence had the same floor plan as U Thein Han (Zawgyi).
    All of these two storey residences are built on one acre lots.

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