Month: January 2021

Secret Love (Kabyar and Translation)

Update : January 30, 2021 Kabyar “အုံ့ပုန်း”အော်…ဟိုမှာသူ…. ချုန်းသည် ရွာ၏ ချုန်း၏ မရွာရွာသည် မချုန်း အချစ်ဆုံးရေ မချုန်းမိတာ မှားခဲ့ပြီ။ အုတ်ဖို မောင်ရင်မောင် Chemical Engg 72 2nd January 2021 Translation “Secret Love”Well … There she is Thunder and Rain Thunder but No Rain Rain but No Thunder My Dearest Love I regret for not […]

Civil 1958

Update : January 30, 2021 Class photo was sent by Saya Allen Htay (GBNF), Leader of the Bay Area Alumni Group. Saya Dr San Hla Aung helped to identify classmates. U Khin Maung Win (Sidney Chen, GBNF) supplied the photograph. Sitting (1) U Pu (2) Dr. Aung Gyi […]


Update : January 30, 2021 Smart is an adjective. Smarter and Smartest are the comparative and superlative forms. Conventional and Unconventional Wisdom Thomas Edison said, “Success is due to 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Newer thinking : “Work smarter. Not harder.” Smart Card and Devices I worked for […]

Musical Evenings

One to celebrate the RU Centennial Another to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of “Myanmar Ah Than MRTV Broadcast Some broadcasts had mixed reviews. The program by Kaiser (Ko Nyi) May Khalar (Ma Nge) Hemar Nay Win May Sweet (Ma Swe) and the SUCCESS Band had overwhelming support from […]

Two Hunters …

Matthew Hunter Matthew Hunter served as Principal. A medal in his name is awarded to outstanding students. He selected two brilliant students — Ba Than and Kyaw Myint — to sit for entrance examination for Medicine (offered by Calcutta University). Dr. Ba Than later became first native Police […]