Month: January 2021


Smart is an adjective. Smarter and Smartest are the comparative and superlative forms. Conventional and Unconventional Wisdom Thomas Edison said, “Success is due to 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Newer thinking : “Work smarter. Not harder.” Smart Card and Devices I worked for a Defense Contractor. My assignment […]

My Teachers at SPHS

Update : January 26, 2021 Class Teachers Ms. A Benjamin Class teacher of Std. IV(D) Mrs. Violet BoudvilleClass teacher of Std. V(D) Saya U Pe TinBurmese teacher for Std. V (D)Class teacher for Std. VI (D)Three prizes : Highest score, Handwriting, Moral character Saya U NgeClass teacher for […]

SPHS Sayas (2)

Update : January 26,2021 Brother Clementian Brother Clementian was loved by his former students. When he passed away, the cortege left from SPHS (St. Paul’s High School) to the Tamwe Christian Cemetery. When the cars arrived at the Cemetery for the Burial Service, many cars were still leaving […]

Paulians (1)

Old Paulian One who has studied at SPHS (St. Paul’s High School). In the early days, the school was called St. Paul’s English High School to emphasize the language of instruction. Since SPHS is a De La Salle School, Old Paulians are also known as BOB (Brothers’ Old […]