Names : Last, Birthplace *

Some Last Names originally meant “Son of“. They include

  • Fitzgerald (Son of Gerald)
  • Johnson (Son of John)
  • MacDonald (Son of Donald)
  • McGee (Son of Gee)
  • O’Neal (son of Neal)
  • bin Laden (Son of Laden)

There are a few exceptions. Some Last Names mean

  • Father of
  • Mother of
  • Server / Servant of

Some Last Names originally referred to work/occupation. They include

  • Carpenter
  • Goldsmith
  • Rider
  • Smith
  • Thatcher

Birth place in names

Two brothers have their place of birth in their names.

  • Dr. Khin Maung Lin (Born in Nattalin)
  • Khin Maung Pun (Born in Papun)

Names in Numerology

  • Names are studied by astrologers, and numerologists.
  • One numerologist mentions the effect of changing names. Attributed the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte to his name change : from the Italian sounding Corsican last name to comply with the French spelling.
    Napoleon was the first Corsican to attend the French Military school and rise to be the Emperor of France.


There are some who are better known by their nicknames. They include

  • Ajala
    Moe Hein
  • A Yan Kan
  • Bagyi Aung
    Hla Aung
  • Bei Oo
    Kyi Kyi Sein
  • Bo Daw
  • Char Taik
  • Chauk Pay
    Htein Win
  • Chee Pay
    Khin Maung Than
  • Chota
  • Cowboy
    Tin Nwe
  • Galon
    Khin Maung Win
  • Hanuman
    Han Tun Maung
  • Kabar
    Myint Thein
    Myint Soe
  • Jabu
    Myint Sein
  • Japungyi / Japangyi
    Hla Tun
  • La La
    Aye Win Hlaing
  • Lada
    Khin Maung Win
  • Lay Lone
    Moe Myint
  • Mawde / Mae daw
    Tin Tin Myint
  • Myauk Nyo
  • Myauk Phyu
    Aung Tun Oo
  • May Pale
    Yi Yoi Khine
  • Moke Saik
    Myo Hein
  • Phone Gyi
    Tin Tun
    Tin Shein
    Soe Myint
  • Rocket
    Emma Tin Tin Myint
  • Sargalay
    Khin Maung Win
  • Shwee
    Kyaw Zan Hein
  • So Si
    Aung Than
  • Tar Tay

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