Names : Chinese, Korean, Indian, Mexican

Update : December 29, 2020

Chinese names

Some names have three parts :

  • Clan name
  • Group name
  • Personal name

Based on where they came from, they may write their name as

  • Clan name, Group name, Personal name
  • Clan name, Personal name, Group name
  • Personal name, Group name, Clan name
  • Group name, Personal name, Clan name

A Chinese character may also have one or more rendering in English. For example, Khoo or Chiu.

Some Chinese use the 12-generation naming convention.

Korean names

Lee , Kim and Park are some popular Korean names.

Some Koreans use the 7-generation naming convention.

Indian names

Indian names may be based on their religion.

  • Hindus are often named after their deities and their likeness.
    e.g. Rama, Krishna, Ramamurthy, Krishnamurthy
  • An Indian name may have “Deep”, “Deepak” or “Dipa” meaning light or wisdom.
  • Male Sikhs have “Singh” as their middle name. 
    e.g. Davinder Singh Saluja
    Female Sikhs have “Kaur” as their middle name.
  • Muslims are named after their prophet and as “servers” of Allah.
    e.g. Muhammad, Rahmin
  • Christians may have Biblical names.
  • Some are named Gautama (or its variants)

Indian names may vary with region.
In some parts, the name may include place of birth and trade.
The father’s name may be carried on as the middle name of the son.

Mexican names

  • Many males are named Jesus.
  • Many females are named Maria.
  • Mexican names may have four parts : two for personal name, one for father’s name, and the last for mother’s name.
  • Mexicans may use a hyphenated last name (with a hyphen between the parent’s names).

Greek names

Some Greeks name their first grandson after the paternal grand father and their second grandson after the maternal grand father.

Native American names

Some Native American tribes use an elaborate naming convention. The names of two Native Americans of the same tribe can portray their relationship (e.g. one is the second maternal uncle).

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