Rangoon University

Name changes

Update : December 29, 2020

Name changes

  • Lew Alcindor (UCLA basket ball champion, NBA champion with LA Lakers) changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  • Cassius Clay Jr. (Olympic Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, three-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion) changed his name to Muhammad Ali.
  • An Italian American Chemist (named Salvitore) received a book from his supervisor as a Christmas gift.
    After reading a chapter (on Dhammapada), he left for Burma to be ordained as a Buddhist monk named U Lokathana.
  • The Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia and Lithuania (named Tennyson) and his discipline (named F. Ludvig) were offered a monastery in the Ah Lei Pyitsayan on Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Ludvig succeeded his mentor as the Buddhist Archbishop.
    He was known as “Moke Seik Phone Gyi”.
    He became a Theravada monk with the name “Ashin Ananda”.
    He is a Laureate Poet.
  • Maung Paw
    Saya U Htin Paw aka Maung Htin Paw in his early years
  • Khin Zaw (KMZ)
    Khin Maung Zaw’s middle name is ignored by his colleagues
  • San Lin Maung
    Some were assigned “Maung” as the last name (due to P/P)
  • Several monks have to explain to immigration that U, Ashin and Venerable are prefixes for monks.
  • Some have hyphenated names. e.g. Maung Tin-Wa
  • Some modified the names so that they can be pronounced easily by non-Burmese.
    e.g. Kai (for Khine), Kin (for Khin)

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