HTAY LWIN NYO (Poem by Hla Min)

Tribute to Dr. HTAY LWIN NYO (EP74, ex-ucc)
Part-time Professor, EE, SJSU
(1951 July – 2000 April)

H e was a genius, a researcher, a friend
T eaching was his passion to the very end
A jack of all trades, a doctorate of one
Y ou name it, he knows it! there’s a lot he has done

L ong ago he gave away a patent for a dollar
W ith a heart so big and true, real worthy of a scholar
I nvest, movie script, cook, paint, car repair, …
N ever showed off wealth and prizes; he’s a gem so rare

N ews of his death — alone at home — rocked throughout the land
Y oung, old were shocked, but they all flocked to give a helping hand
O n this day in May of Y2K we pray from the bottom of our heart

Htay Lwin Nyo, we’re proud to say
that though you’ve passed away
you’ve done a huge part
to unite kindred spirits
your legacy is here to stay.”

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