RU Centennial (13)


RU produced outstanding

  • Leaders
    Bogyoke Aung San, U Nu, U Thant …
  • Scholars
    U Pe Maung Tin, Dr. Htin Aung, Dr. Hla Myint …
  • Professionals
    from the various Faculties : Arts, Science, Social Science, Law, Medicine, Engineering …
  • Athletes
    Selected for Burma, SEAP and Asian Games, Olympics, World Championship
  • Ah Nu Pyinnya Shins
    various Media
  • Ethical citizens
    Sayas who not even tell exam results to their children and relatives


  • Rangoon was the Capital of the Rice Bowl of Asia.
  • It provided Rice for Disaster Relief in neighboring countries.
  • Backed by Gold Reserve, the Currency / Kyat was strong and stable.
  • In our younger days, one US Dollar is traded around 5 – 6 Kyats.
  • Sadly, the purchasing power of the Kyat declined dramatically.
  • Three snap shots :
    1 Kyat = 4 Baht
    1 Kyat = 1 Baht
    4 Kyat = 1 Baht
  • Some factors Indiscriminate Nationalization Multiple Demonetization Incoherent Policies and whimsical Changes Decline of Ethics


  • Sharing and Caring still flourish in Myanmar.
  • Sponsors, donors (cash and kind), medical professionals, and volunteers helped with the detection, prevention and cure of COVID.
  • Saya Pu Zaw Pwe and Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe are alive and well.
  • Current Professors and staff provided Garawa gifts to senior sayas and sayamas (some in their 80s).
  • The Adhamma Era which had Prisoners of Conscience gave way to the Pwint Linn Era with a democratically elected Government.
  • The younger generation is aware of the development (e.g Industry 4.0, Education 4.0, Convergence of Technologies) in the world.
  • Hope to see a rapid Rise to Former Glory and beyond.

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