RU Centennial (12)

SPHS 1963

  • In the Matriculation of 1963, Ko Khin Maung U, Ko Min Oo, Ko Myo San (GBNF) Ko Nyunt Wai and Ko Thein Wai took the Top Five positions.
  • I was Seventh.
  • The Top Three scored Distinctions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English and had high scores in Burmese.
  • In those days, less than ten students scored Distinction in English, and only a couple scored Distinction in Burmese.
  • In the mid and late 1950s, several students who had two or three scores (for Distinction) had to repeat a year because they “failed” mostly in English and a couple in Burmese.
  • They were coaxed by their teachers not to feel downhearted.
  • Most went on to become outstanding Professionals with graduate degrees (Masters, Doctorate …) from prestigious universities in the USA.
  • It is still a mystery how and why such unfortunate events happened.


  • Ko Khin Maung U scored 299 out of 300 marks for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics (where the Chief Examiner supposedly took back a mark from the perfect score).
  • He was selected Multiple Luyechun at IM(1).
  • Due to changes in the Education System, he and fellow bright students had to study the M.Sc. (Med Sc).
  • After a long wait, Dr. Khin Maung U was able to complete Fellowships and MD.
  • His experience in Medical Research and Teaching landed jobs in US Universities and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • After retirement, he has posted hundreds of Medical Research Reports for lay readers.
  • Earlier, he translated Dhamma Talks (e.g Abdhidhamma Course by Dr. Nandamarlarbhivamsa) into English and also served as Gawpaka for selected monasteries in the Maryland Area.

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