• World wide SPZP
  • RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles in 2015
  • SF Bay Area Dinner Gathering in 2015
  • Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 Reunion and PZP in 2018
  • International Tipitaka Chanting
  • TEDx Yangon
  • Min Ko Naing’s Talk

World wide SPZP


The First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe was held in the USA in October 2000.

Singapore SPZP

Singapore sayas and alumni hosted

  • SPZP-2002 in December 2002
  • SPZP-2007 in April 2007
  • SPZP-2010 in December 2010

Yangon SPZP

Yangon hosted SPZP-2004, SPZP-2012 and SPZP-2016.

Note : Yangon could not host SPZP-2006 due to the political climate and so requested Singapore to host SPZP-2007.

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SPZP-2012 : True Home Coming

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SPZP-2012 brought tears of joy. Many have given up the hope of seeing their beloved alma mater rise again from the trampling of the Adhamma Regime. HE U Aye Myint (EP72) paved the way to have the True Home Coming (Reunion and SPZP) at the Gyogone Campus.

SPZP-2016 : Free all-day event at Gyogone Campus

SPZP-2016 was the first SPZP to be held all day at the Gyogone Campus.

Thanks to sponsors and donors of SPZP-2016, free food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) was offered to all attendees.

RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles in 2015

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Organizers include Saya Dr. Tin Win (M62), Saya U Tin Htut (M60), U Thura Thant Zin (M76) and U Khin Maung Lay (Henry, T68).

Sponsors include Ko Thaung Sein (Steeve Kay, EC70) and KFF (Kay Family Foundation), which provided a matching fund of US$30,000.

Attendees include Sayas and Alumni from USA, Myanmar, and Japan.

Entertainers include Saya U Myat Htoo, Ko Khin Maung Lay (Henry), Ma Mya Than Win (Golden Jubilee Swel Daw Yeik Minthamee), Ko Thaung Sein (singing “Shwe Mi”), May Win Maung, and Ni Ni Win Shwe.

Photo : George Wong (LA)

L to R : Ni Ni Win Shwe, Dr. Naing Naing Aung (Met), May Win Maung, Ko Thein Ngwe (RITAJ)

SF Bay Area Dinner Gathering in 2015

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                              Welcoming Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi 

After attending the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles, Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi visited the SF Bay Area.

The dinner gathering at a sea food restaurant was attended by sayas and alumni. 

They include :

  • Percy Lao (part-time Saya)
  • Dr. San Lin (part-time Saya)
  • Saya U Kyi Kong Tham (C63)
  • Saya U Maung Maung (George, ChE66)
  • Victor Wong (King Wong, C66)
  • Saya U Myat Htoo (C68)
  • U Nyan Shein (Henry, C68)
  • U Hla Min (EC69)
  • Benny Tan (M70)
  • Walter Tan (M70)
  • Patrick Fong (C70)
  • Saya U Thein Aung (James, Met72)
  • Maurice Chee (M75)
  • U Aye Tun (Anthony, M76)
  • Daw Khin Mya Yee (Sarah, C77)
  • Daw San San Nyunt (Sandra, M77)
  • U Khin Maung Tun (T78, President, SDYF)
  • U Aung Kyaw (Alex Khoo, C81)
  • U Yu Ket (Edward Saw, EC85)
  • U Tin Maung Win (C86)
  • U Tin Oo (M86)
  • U Nyunt Than (M86)

Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 Reunion and PZP in 2018

The Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65 (most of them graduated in 1970 and 1971) hosted the Reunion and Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe on November 24, 2018 at the Assembly Hall of Gyogone Campus.

It was the 20th time for the group. The invitation is shown below.

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International Tipitaka Chanting

The International Tipitaka Chanting Council was established in 2006, B.E. 2550

  • It has organized Annual Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony at/under the Sacred Bodhi Tree.
  • In 2013, the 9th Annual International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony was held at/under the Sacred Bodhi Tree from December 2nd – 13th, 2013. Sangha, devotees, and volunteers from ten countries participated.
  • It was the second consecutive year that the Sangha from Myanmar undertook the task as main organizer.
  • In 2014, the First International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony in America Dedicated to World Peace and Inner Harmony was held on October 9, 10 and 11, 2014 at Allston Way, Berkley, California.
  • Sayadaw U Jotalankara, Chief Resident Monk, Dhammananda Vihara was requested to take part and also give a speech. I edited Sayadaw’s speech.

TEDx Yangon

By Thiri Thant Mon (Organizer)

Even if you impact one person – it’s worth it.

I heard this from a veteran TEDx organiser. He said it was about seeing the light of understanding, the light of passion shine in people’s eyes. Last Saturday, 6 October 2018, we hosted our third TEDx event. As I scanned the audience from backstage, those flickers of light told me – hey, it was worth it!

When I started my TEDx journey, I thought I will do it for three years – enough for the movement to gain some momentum. In the weeks leading up to each event, I am convinced I am crazy. I have a demanding career, two young children, responsibilities from other philanthropic projects I support. So many balls in the air that I cannot drop and TEDx takes so much time and effort.

I started TEDx because of my passion for knowledge and freedom of ideas, the desire to stimulate positive conversations in Myanmar. To give a literal stage for ideas that people have not heard before. And because deep down, I believe it matters to our society.

Along the way, I gained something unexpected. I discovered amazing people who became great friends. My fellow team members – present and past – who are as crazy as I am to give time, so much of it, and pour passion and professionalism into our endeavor. Our awe-inspiringly brave speakers. Our enthusiastic volunteers. Patrons offering support. TEDsters and TEDxers, a global community of dreamers who are doers, liberals who are realists. My tribe.

People who know me best know that I am a passionate individual. They also tell me they have never seen me more happy and passionate than when I talk about TEDx. My eyes light up and my face glows.

It is the flicker in my own eyes and the impact TEDx Yangon has on me, that makes it all worth it. Bring on year four!

Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE69) wrote :

Thiri Thant Mon is the daughter of U San Aung (USA Photo, Mechanical Engineer).

Thiri is the niece of Sayama Emma and Daw Than Than Yi (T71, GBNF).

Min Ko Naing’s Talk

Min Ko Naing is the pen name of Paw Oo Tun (author, artist, student activist). He was a 3rd year student at RASU, when he became a student leader of the 8-8-88 movement.

He visited the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago with Ko Ko Gyi. They talked mainly about the injustice system and the brutal regimes.

He gave a talk for the SF Bay Area Annual Talks 2018 along with Aw Pi Kyeh.

There were some anecdotes about their prison life. One political prisoner begged his prison mates to give him a pain reliever. Most people did not have courage to provide one. One had cetana and courage, but unfortunately lacked medical knowledge. He gave Buspro to the wailing prisoner, who was relieved of pain forever.

He recounted his observations of the educational and social systems of the countries that he had visited. He was impressed with some systems which take the nursery children out into the open and teach lessons from nature, and those that allow students to pursue any combination of subjects provided they envision a problem to solve using the mix.

He lamented about how most parents and students in Myanmar prepare at all costs for that “all important Matriculation examination” to pursue two or three high profile professions.

The talk is more suitable for the general audience in Myanmar.

Kudos to the activist turned “evangelist for critical thinking and social change”.

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