Matriculation 1965

  1. Bernard Khaw SPHS.
    Four distinctions including a high score (80+ marks) in English
    Due to the rule changes, he could not apply for the professional courses.
    He left to study and work in North America (USA and Canada)
  2. Maung Aye SPHS
    One of the two twins
    Both completed their doctorates in the USA
  3. Winston Sein Maung SPHS
    He is GBNF
  4. Cherry Than Tin @ May Kyi Nyein
    Admitted as Roll No. (1) to IM(2)
  5. Yi Thway SPHS
    Admitted as Roll No. (1) to 1M(1)
    Worked in the UK
  6. Paing Soe SPHS
    Same marks as Yi Thway
    Admitted as Roll No (2) to IM(1)
    Retired as Deputy Minister of Health

    44 students from SPHS were admitted to MC.

Nationalization of schools

  • Those who matriculated from SPHS in 1965 are the Last Batch of Old Paulians.
    Many De La Salle Brothers left Burma.
    Some (e.g. Brother Austin) continued teaching in Malaysia,
    Some (e.g. Brother Felix) went back to their home countries.
    A few (e.g. Brother Xavier) left the order.
    Brother Joseph (Karen) became Father Joseph.
    Some (e.g. Brother Anthony) remained in Burma (e.g. at Ady Road)
  • Some who were in the lower classes in SPHS when it was nationalized also consider themselves Paulians.
  • SPHS became No. (6) Botathaung State High School.
    Soe Nyunt recovered the SPHS Roll of Honor and displayed it at his restaurant “Taw Win Hnin Si
  • MEHS became No. (1) Dagon State High School.
  • The 3-NRC (National Registration Card holder) rule changed the lives of some students.
  • Several top matriculates were not allowed to attend professional courses.
  • Some left to study abroad.
    Chu Pu Thein, who scored the highest marks in Physics in the 1962 High School Final, went to study in Italy.
    Bernard Khaw, who scored the highest marks in the 1965 Matriculation, went to North America (USA and Canada)
  • Some studied at RASU (Rangoon Arts and Science University).
    A few lucky ones were able to transfer to MC a year later.

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