U Wun

Saya U Wun (Minthuwun, GBNF) is a scholar and a distinguished poet. His mentor is Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin, who successfully proposed to Rangoon University to establish the Burmese Department.

Saya studied at RU and in UK.

Saya served as (a) Head of the Translation Department, Rangoon University (b) Professor of Burmese, Rangoon University (c) Visiting Professor, Osaka University, Japan …

Saya founded “Khit San Sar Pay” with Saya Zaw Gyi (U Thein Han) and Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin). At one gathering, Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin introduced the trio as “my three bright students, who are more talented than me.”

Saya’s friends include Saya Dr. Hla Pe, Professor at SOAS University of London & U Tet Htut, who persuaded the British Museum to return artifacts to Burma for display at the National Archives.

Saya is a Laureate Poet. Many aspiring poets learned from his poems (“Pyinma Ngoak Toe”, …) and books such as “Su Tu Pyu”. His literary friends (“K” [BBS U Khin Zaw], Tet Toe, …]) translated and published his poems and his classic short story “Bagyi Aung Nyar De”.

Saya is a linguist and a lexicographer. Saya’s passion was to compile a comprehensive Burmese dictionary. Due to resource constraints, Saya could only partially complete his pet project.

At the invitation of “Chit Mann Nwe” (Professor Harada, Osaka University), Saya taught and researched at Osaka University with Professor Harada and his team. Saya’s worked included the Japanese – Burmese Dictionary and several research papers.

Professor Harada never forgot his roots and used “Mann” (Mandalay) in his pen name. He won a literary prize in Japan for translating “Thway” into Japanese.

Saya had two sons and a daughter. He named his younger son as (a) Htin Kyaw (b) Peter Wun (c) Maung Po (d) Dalaban.

U Htin Kyaw wrote under the pen name “Dalaban”. U Htin Kyaw represented the Institute of Economics in Swimming, Water Polo and Rowing. He also played Tennis.

Five years ago, U Htin Kyaw was elected as the President of Myanmar. He is now enjoying time off and gaining some weight according to Daw Su Su Lwin.

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