U Aung Khin (2)

Saya U Aung Khin’s visits to the Bay Area had tremendous impact. One visit resulted in the formation of BAPS (Burmese American Professional Society) — a merger of BEA (Burmese Engineers Association) and BASTS (Burmese American Science and Technology Society). Another visit resulted in a dinner meeting where the Bay Area Alumni Group led by Saya Allen Htay decided unanimously to hold the First Ever Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe on October 28-29 week end. For details, see the articles by Saya Allen Htay, Saya U Nyo Win and U Myat Htoo, Ko Benny Tan and Ko Maurice, Ko Thein Aung, …

Saya U Aung Khin enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rangoon in 1950. (At that time, one must pass the I.Sc. (Intermediate of Science) with good grades to pursue engineering courses.) Saya left the Third Year B.Sc.(Engg) class in 1952 upon being selected as a State’s Scholar to continue the undergraduate studies at Lehigh University.

Saya received the B.S.M.E. and M.S.M.E. degrees and returned in 1956 to join the staff at the Faculty of Engineering as an Assistant Lecturer. Saya was awarded the Colombo Scholarship in 1962 to pursue post-graduate studies at Toronto University. Saya received the M.A.Sc. degree and returned in 1967 to continue teaching at Rangoon Institute of Technology.

Saya served as Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering. In 1976, Saya resigned from the Institute in 1976 and emigrated to Canada. Saya retired in 1998 after working for twenty one years in Canada. His post-retirement sojourns can be found in his excellent article [written specially for the Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe (Special Issue)].

Saya regularly plays golf and tennis.

Saya attended several SPZPs, but now prefers not to travel far except for occasional family gatherings.

A few years back, Ko Khin Maung Oo (Ivan Lee, M69) provided his Mercedes for a whirl wind trip to Canada and the East Coast. Ko Frederick Thet Gyi (M69) manned the wheels for the major part of the trip. Sayagyi U Aung Khin hosted me and my spouse for a night’s stay at his house. Ivan and Fred stayed at a nearby hotel, but spent time chatting with Sayagyi and enjoying the Mohinga and Ah Kyaw prepared by Sayagyi. Sayagyi also asked each of us to pick a souvenir from Windsor, Canada. Thanks.

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