1972 - 1979

U Aye Myint *

  • When we organized the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe (SPZP-2000), we were told that RIT is a dying breed.
  • Someone gently reminded us that Class Reunions are held as part of the Home Coming at the campuses.
  • From deep in my heart came a poem “SAYA PU ZAW PWE”.
  • It started
    Seems like only yesterday
    At our alma mater in a land far away
  • Tears of sorrow fell from many sayas and alumni when they learned that their alma mater has been branded as a “Thabon Kyaung” by the higher authorities and that the Swel Daw Bins had been decimated.
  • Many felt that they would never see their alma mater in reasonably good shape again.
  • Some how, the Adhamma Era gave way to the Pwint Linn Era.
  • U Aye Myint (EP72) made possible the true Home Coming at the Gyogone Campus in 2012.
  • Sadly, he was posted to another Ministry before he could help his alma mater to the fullest.
  • Tears of joy fell from many sayas and alumni when they learned that SPZP-2012 will be held in the Gyogone Campus.
  • The Swel Daw Yeik Foundation was established in 2013.
  • In December 2014, Swel Daw Bins bloomed once again.
  • Shwe YaDu Lann and Swel Daw benches brought more tears of joy.
  • Tears of joy continued to fall when the all day long SPZP-2016 with free food and entertainment was held in the Gyogone Campus with the sponsorship of the RITAA and generous donors.

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