SPHS Std I(B) 1960 -61

Update : December 13, 2020

Photo : Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ) and friend

KMZ wrote :

In our picture all of us were pretty much in the school’s uniform, a white short sleeve shirt and a dark colored shots. Some of us were wearing ties, mostly bow ties. The Std. VII (D) picture (provided by Uzin Aung Chaw), taken a year prior, had all wearing casual, even some with longyis, patterned shirts.

Was there any school uniform restrictions, probably, for the lower classes? Just curious.

Editor’s note:

I believe at one time, SPHS required students to wear UNIFORM on specified days and occasions.

U Aung Myint (SPHS64) wrote:

Good as well as clear picture. Amazing for your 60 years storage.

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