Broadcast on October 16, 2020


Definition (multiple senses)

The Last Passion of Christ (movie)
Suffer for a cause

e.g musical piece about St. Matthew

Enthusiasm about something
Passion for helping
Passion of life



may require Passion and Persistence in addition to Talent, Big Dreams, Purpose, Goals



Nazis and Fascists also have Passion and Goals

Uncontrollable Passion can produce i’ll effects



Passion to publish Myanmar magazines overseas
Golden / Shwe Padauk Magazine
Mandalay Gazette
Myanmar Gazette

Passion to prevent starvation (during the pandemic)
14 Local Groups giving out 6 Pyi of rice to eligible households

Passion to help the prevention and treatment of Covid
Donation by individuals and groups around the world
Kind (equipment, test kits, ambulance car …)

Passion to develop young leaders
Various programs (e.g Community Centers)
On-line courses (various countries
some by retired educators and professionals)

Passion to pay back the metta and cetana of sayas
Saya Pu Zaw Pwe
Health Care for senior sayas

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