PALMISTRY (Text and Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast on September 30, 2020

John Warner

  • better known as Cheiro (Palmistry, Numerology, Books)
  • Count Louis Hamon

U Ba Than (Physical Education)

  • Warned a family friend of a fatal accident
  • The friend replied that he survived a car accident and had scars of his face.
    He was going back to Dawei on his father’s schooner, and upon his return to Rangoon would become a temporary monk.
  • Sad to note that he tried to help the crew mates after the schooner sank, probably got exhausted and “lost his grip” before the rescue ship came.

Ava House : Book shop

  • A fellow shopper recounted a “bad” reading by a palmist
  • The palmist interpreted the square on the Line of Fate as good fortune.
  • The shopper ended up in a jail cell.


  • Auxiliary line “bridged” the broken life line
  • Needed several grafts for the foot injury while riding at the “end” of the bus (which was “rammed” by a car following it)
  • He had come back from a forest monastery where he practiced as a temporary monk

Sein Win (C69, Win Kyaw, GBNF)

  • He was a serious amateur Palmist.
  • Read many books on Palmistry
  • His consultant was a professional palmist.
  • They tied the knot.


  • Benham
    “Scientific” study
  • Associations in some countries
  • Indian text “for fun or profit”
    Map palm readings to astrology
  • Myanmar palmists
    Saya Sandra
    Bogalay U Kywe
    U Kyaw Min

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