FORTUNE TELLING (Text and Supplementary Notes)

Video Broadcast on October 9, 2020


  • Myanmar Astrology (variants)
  • Let Yoe Bedin
  • Let Sann Bedin

Numerology (variants)

  • Single digit (1 to 9)
    Numbers reduced to a single digit
  • Two digits
    e.g day of month
  • Superstition / Bias
    e.g 13 for unlucky

Predictions based on stories

  • Mahosada
  • Janaka
  • Sticks used at Chinese and Vietnamese temples

Zodiac Signs

  • Chinese Zodiac (12 animals)
  • Western Zodiac
    Aries, Taurus …
  • Eastern Zodiac
    Meiktha …


  • Precession of the equinoxes
  • Tarot
  • Crystal Ball
  • Tea Leaves
  • Ah Yu Daw Mingalar
  • Inga Weikza
  • Names

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