Broadcast on October 1, 2020


Different kinds

ID : for identification

Credit, Debit, Cash, Pre-paid …

Greeting …

Playing Cards


Standard Deck

52 cards and a few Jokers / Wild Cards

Four suits : may signify the four seasons or the four quarters of a year
Usually called Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades (Implicit ordering of the suits in some games)

13 cards in a suit : may signify the number of weeks in a season or quarter

52 cards in a deck : may signify the number of weeks in a year

2 colors : usually Black and Red : may signify two-valued concepts (e.g Ying and Yang)


Model for Deque (Double Ended Queue data structure) which can act as FIFO (First In First Out) Queue and LIFO (Last In First Out) Stack.

Items can be added to both ends of a Deque, and can be retrieved from both ends.


BRIDGE is a game requiring intellect, communication and finesse. Ivan (Khin Maung Oo, M69) is a Life Time Platinum in Bridge (after completing Bronze, Silver and Gold).


Solitaire is a collection of games that can be played by a person.

I spent a lot of time (several months) to earn and defend “Daily Challenge” title (five games of varying complexity every day for the whole month).


Games (with betting)

Games in Myanmar (e.g Koe Mee and variants)

Casino (e.g Black Jack, Poker and variants)

Computers and Online

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