Bedin (Notes)

Video Broadcast on September 18, 2020


  • Intended meaning
    Myanmar Astrology
  • Other meaning
    Name of Italian astronomer who accidentally discovered a Galaxy (using the Hubble telescope)
  • Informal
    Viewing movies while lying on a bed

My Experience

  • Prediction of my father’s horoscope
  • Early studies of Bedin from books and two sayadaws
  • Zabu Mahn Daing Sayadaw
  • Inya Myaing Ma Soe Yein Sayadaw

Bedin programs developed at UCC

U Hla Min

  • Supervised projects by U Win Latt and U Zaw Tun
  • Wrote articles in Jotisha Veda magazine
  • Shared Bedin knowledge to Computer Science students and professionals
  • Shared Computing knowledge to BARB sayas and advanced students

U Win Latt

  • Wrote three versions of Win Horo
  • The basic version is used by many Bedin sayas to produce natal horoscopes

U Zaw Tun

  • Prolog program for interpreting zartars
  • Was surprised to find a young boy with characteristics of a rich person
    Turned out he inherited fortune from his Sawbwa grand father

BARB (Burma Astro Research Bureau)

  • Early EC members except Saya U Min Wun are GBNF.
  • U Myint Sein (Principal, expert in Medical Astrology, GBNF)
  • U Than Htay (Ganita)
  • U Myint Lwin (Phalita, GBNF)
  • U Khin Aung Bo (Thanhita, GBNF)
  • U Aye Win Kyaw (C70, Astronomy, GBNF)

MARB (Myanmar Astro Research Bureau)

  • Past President : U Khin Aung Bo (GBNF)
  • President : U Kyaw Myint (T72)
  • VP : U Than Htay
  • Secretary : U Hla Win (M72-75)
  • Joint Secretary:
    U Thein Aung,
    U Soe Thein
  • Patrons
    U Pyinnyeinda,
    Dr. Kan Nyunt,
    U Aung Myint


  • Other Bedin types
  • Other Bedin sayas
  • Yadaya means Change
  • Good Yadana
  • Bad Yadaya

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